Colored Coaching Bands seamlessly integrates offensive positions with the common practice of using colored wristbands for person-to-person defense.  Many youth basketball programs use sets of colored wristbands for both teams to help players line up with the person on the opposite team who wears the same color.  Some leagues additionally use the colors to designate their strongest players to ensure an even skill match-up and avoid unbalanced match-ups (traditionally the strongest player wears black followed by blue, red, yellow and white).  Black has been matched with the Point Guard position who leads with the ball, then blue and red with Center and Power Forward who play closest to the hoop.

Youth Small

Coaching Band:

2.9in(8cm) width x 2.5in(7cm) tall

Youth Medium

Coaching Band:

3in(8cm) width x 3.1in(7.5cm) tall

Youth Large

Coaching Band:

3.3in(8.5cm) width x 3.3in(8.5cm) tall