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Position awareness on the field or court

Coaching Bands provide clarity and confidence for players and coaches alike

Quick & clear position designation

As a youth coach, do you struggle to get kids to listen as you call out their position? Do kids ever hear the wrong position or go to the position they wanted to hear or do they run onto the field when their name wasn’t called? Coaching Bands enable you to assign positions without even uttering a word.  Just hand the band with the chosen position to the young athlete and get them in the game quickly with a clear position assignment.

In-game orientation and ownership

Do your kids confuse left and right, offense and defense? Are they still learning what a position is or even which goal to score in? Coaching bands not only clearly identify a position, they also show where that position plays in the game relative to the other positions and relative to the field. The Coaching Band helps all kids understand they have an important role to play on the team, the confidence to play their position and the clarity for the positions their teammates play too.

Quick substitutions, no confusion

Substituting players during a game can be confusing and frustrating even among BFFs when there isn’t role clarity (“no, I’m center forward!”).  We’ve all been there!  With the Coaching Band, the player substituting into the game takes the band from the player coming off the field, and immediately new roles are clear.  With young athletes, you may prefer to use a double set of colorized wristbands where the sub running onto the field will already have their band and position, and will call off the player on the field with the matching color making for easy dynamic substitutions.

Quality materials

Dense fabric and sublimation printing ensure Coaching Bands look amazing wash after wash. Coaching Bands are made of high-performance Nylon-Spandex fabric ideally suited for sportwear.

Comfort + Durability

Coaching bands are amazingly stretchy making it easy to put on and take off when going in and out of the game. Superior moisture management ensures all day comfort and it feels great against the skin.