Becoming the G.O.A.T. takes patience and perseverance

Like our name implies, being the best doesn’t happen overnight. We empower young athletes as they embark on their climb up the mountain to become their best. Kids playing their first team sport must learn how to develop their technical skills while also understanding the dynamic complexity of playing as a team; when to go for it and when to give space and trust your teammate to take the lead. We balance individual with team, attitude with humor, skills and strategy, and strength with finesse as youthful naivety evolves into greatness.

Our purpose

Build confidence and facilitate teamwork helping young athletes “know their place” is with their team and in the game.

Our vision

Provide easily accessible products and tools to support young athletes as they grow from their first day on a team to their G.O.A.T.

Our mission

Be the industry standard in offering simple yet effective solutions for youth team sports as they develop their young athletes to be their best.

Lara Lassila coached her kids’ Microsoccer teams in 2014.  As they got older and struggled to understand positions, she invented Coaching Bands to help kids orient on the field and it turns out they also made her life as a coach a lot easier – no more chaos at the beginning of the game calling out positions nor any confusion after substitutions (“wait, what position am I?”).

Stumbling G.O.A.T. was launched in 2022 to help kids build their confidence more quickly in any team sport while making the logistics of coaching easier.

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